Craft with me...

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Gusty Bleu's Backseat Blurt-outs...

  • mom, what's that disease that rhymes with Fiona?
  • This show is dumb. d-o-m. dumb.
  • I know how to get all of the boogers out of my nose.
  • My lizard is the best at staring contests.
  • Dane stop! You're ruining my imagination.
  • A tornado is worse than losing your favorite toy.
  • Why do they call them cowboys? They ride horses.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if laundry washed itself?
  • You can't build a tree, you have to grow one.
  • For Christmas I'd like some fish food. Then I can get some fish. Oh, and I'd also like a box of crab rangoons. Real ones. To eat.
  • I just smelled my sockies and they smell like rotten eggs. blllaaaaahhhhh
  • I forgot, what are husbands called in a wedding? Oh yeah, a broom.
  • Why didn't you name me Blossom? I like that name better.
  • Can necks grow?
  • If you smell something, then smell it too much, you can't smell it anymore.
  • Am I dreaming?
  • Penguins, they come from the Cold Pole.
  • It's not broken, it just fell apart.
  • You can take a picture later, because the moon will follow you home.
  • I have to sit with you all day now because I can't when I go to school next year.
  • lots of people love cats and dogs.
  • I can speak chicken Spanish.
  • I did in on the day that passed, you know....tomorrow.
  • I'm soaking hungry
  • Icees have drink stuff in the bottom of them
  • Ugh means icky. And Icky means ugh.
  • I'm not drooling, my lips are.
  • Trees can't walk
  • I can't find my tired.
  • Crickets can't fart but horses can because they have butts.
  • Pink is NOT purple.
  • Snakes can't eat people.
  • Airplanes fly away
  • Ants have yellow blood
  • tigers can't go in a swimming pool
  • Fish can't eat cookies
  • Grapes have juice in them
  • Dogs can't go into the post office
  • Cows can't smile.
  • Dinosaurs don't have boobies.
  • Monkeys live outside.

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April 17, 2008


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this looks fun katie! i think i'll try your recipe :)

how are the chickens?

wool food mama

lol. No chickens yet, Monday!!

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